Deaf dog agility


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That Dog specialises in Deaf Dog Training, whether it be helping you teach your dog hand signals, improving the relationship you have with your deaf dog or working on issues such as reactivity! 

I have shared my home with deaf dogs for nearly eleven years and currently live with two deaf Dalmatians. I absolutely love working with them and have helped others with theirs in classes, one to one and over the internet. 

My dog training videos that feature my two deaf Dalmatians Logan and Sherlock have over 200,000 views on social media. The blogs and articles I have written specifically about training and the myths of deaf dogs get tens of thousands of people reading every time. I've even had people from Australia contact me! 

My two know a variety of tricks and behaviours including play dead, open the door, take my socks off, empty the washing machine, speak and wipe your feet! They also both take part in scent-work, the youngest is starting agility and they both have great recall and go off the lead.

So if you have any queries about your deaf dogs, want some advice or want to book either a one to one or zoom call then please get in touch below!

"Jayde has done amazing things with her Deaf Dalmatians!"