Deaf Dalmatian Puppy




"She just doesn't pay attention to me when we're outside of the house!" 

"If we're out walking and he sees another dog, then he's off!" 

"He just pulls constantly! Walks are a nightmare!" 

"I get so embarrassed going for walks now, she barks at every dog we see!'

Does any of this sound familiar to you?? 
Don't worry because these are all training and behaviour issues that That Dog Wrexham can help with.

We use kind, scientific based training methods in all of our puppy and dog training classes, one to one sessions, and online dog training consults! So you can be sure that not only will our training resolve these issues but it will also help create a strong and engaging relationship between you and your dog! 


That Dog Wrexham offers a solo dog walking service suited especially to nervous, rescue or reactive dogs. 

Great for dogs that just wouldn't enjoy a group walk with others, and with owning a reactive dog myself and several years experience of working with them you can be sure that your dog is in safe and capable hands! 

In fact! That Dog has been nominated for dog walker of the year for three consecutive years now. 

That Dog Wrexham also offers training walks for puppies and dogs that need some extra help with how to behave on walks, whether that be loose lead walking, recall or learning to pass other dogs and people calmly. 



That Dog Wrexham specialises in Deaf Dog Training! 

I am the owner of two deaf Dalmatians and have shared my home with deaf dogs for the past eleven years. I absolutely love working with them and take part in scent work, trick training and agility with them. 

My deaf dog training videos have over 200,000 views across social media and the blogs, articles and magazines I've written for and featured in, achieve tens of thousands of readers! 

Deaf dogs are absolutely welcome in all my classes, workshops, and are catered for in my online courses. If you would like any extra help with your deaf dog then I am also offer one to ones for extra support and online consultations via Zoom. We've helped people across the world, ranging from all around the UK, France, Brazil, America and even Australia! 


“Jayde’s puppy training sessions are great. Jayde is very knowledgeable and patient and is helping me, my husband and our 6 year old daughter to train our dog.”