Deaf Dogs! 

I am the proud owner of a Deaf Dalmatian called Logan. We got him when he was eight weeks old knowing that he couldn't hear. The breeder had him BAER tested and it came back that he had no hearing at all and so she was struggling to find a home for him. 

A lot of people find themselves in a similar situation, either they have acquired a puppy knowing it's deaf or maybe they find out a few weeks after they've had them and suddenly find themselves struggling to know what to do. A quick internet search pulls up many websites and Facebook groups that worringly suggest that Deaf Puppies and Dogs are put to sleep. This of course brings no comfort to Deaf Dog owners.
BUT I'm here to prove those people wrong and to provide as much information as possible to Deaf Dog Parents that are looking for advice.

Let me start by saying that Logan disproves the many Deaf Dog myths there are out there. He knows so many hand signals including Sit, Rollover, Bark, Open the Door and Play Dead, he has never been aggressive, he gets on brilliantly with children and goes off lead too!

On this page you will find many resources and links to videos all about Deaf Dogs, if you have any questions at all please send me an e-mail and I will absolutely help as best I can! 


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